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25 Criteria that Influence Mortgage Rates.

25 Criteria that Influence Mortgage Rates.

What every home buyer wants to know is “what is my mortgage rate?” To get the correct rate for each individual’s situation requires many parameters. Here is a list of 25 criteria that would influence your mortgage rates.

  1. Loan Size ~ are you getting a Conforming loan, a Conforming Jumbo loan or a Jumbo loan?
  2. LTV ~ Loan to Value ratio.
  3. CLTV ~ Combined Loan to Value ratio when more than one loan is used to purchase property.
  4. Credit Score ~ Your FICO score will determine if you pay a higher interest rate. Check your FICO score at
  5. Credit History ~ Having you been paying all your bills on time???
  6. Escrow Preference ~ Let the mortgage company escrow your taxes and insurance payments.
  7. Closing Date ~ You can lock in a mortgage rate for only a limited time period (usually 90 days or less). Plus the mortgage process has certain laws and time tables they must follow.
  8. Loan Type ~ 30 year, 20 year, 15 year fixed rate, ARM ~ adjustable rate mortgage, and Balloon mortgage.
  9. Property Type ~ Primary residence, vacation home, rental property, commercial property, land sale?
  10. Occupancy Type ~ Primary home, part time occupancy, rental?
  11. Residency ~ Primary homes owner occupied tend to get the best rates.
  12. Available Assets ~ Cash down.
  13. Asset Seasoning ~ Banks want to see where the money comes from, is it a gift?
  14. Co-borrowers ~ Do you need a co-borrower to qualify for the loan, if so then they need to provide all their information as well.
  15. Debt Ratio ~ also known as back-end ratio that includes all debt commitments including car loans, student loans, alimony,  minimum credit card payments together with our house payments.
  16. Housing Ratio ~ Lenders will calculate your monthly housing payments than include principal, interest, taxes and insurance based on your total income before taxes.
  17. Improvements Needed ~ Does the house have a fully functional kitchen, a leaky roof, broken heat system?
  18. Employment Type ~ Self-employed vs being an employee.
  19. Employment History ~ Have you been working at the same type of job for over a year maybe two. If you are self-employed it is two years.
  20. Documentation Available ~ Everything needs to be documented, savings, taxes, income…
  21. Recasting Mortgage ~ Will you want to recast your mortgage in the future? Recasting is when the lender will re-amortize the remaining balance of the loan over the remaining term after the borrower puts an additional large principal payment down during the loan life.
  22. Relocation ~ Are your relocating through your company, will the company pay costs?
  23. Seller Contributions ~ Are the sellers paying closing costs, etc.?
  24. Gifts ~ Is part of your down payment a gift? If so then documentation from the giver will be required.
  25. Cash-out ~ Are you expecting cash out on the mortgage for home improvements, etc.?


This is why it is important that you work with a local experience mortgage broker or banker and know the answers to these questions before you start looking at homes. If you do not know these answers your rate can change.


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David, thanks for sharing. As you pointed out, retain an experienced professional to begin with.

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Hi David.  Great list for the borrower to look at and understand.

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